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About Smart Deployer

Everything you Need to Build Smart Contracts

SmartDeployer is a no-code platform that enables anyone to create and manage tokens easily.

With SmartDeployer, you can save time and money by launching your tokens without needing to write a single line of code.

Also, SmartDeployer offers security auditing to ensure that tokens are secure and cannot be exploited.

SmartDeployer's tokens are also highly optimized, containing only necessary functions to ensure their efficiency.


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Business Tokenization

Create custom tokens for businesses, such as loyalty tokens, rewards tokens, or utility tokens



Create tokens for gaming applications, such as in-game currencies, items, or collectibles.



Create tokens for crowdfunding campaigns, allowing backers to receive tokens in exchange for their support.


$DEPLOY Distribution



Discover our exciting roadmap and milestones as we shape the future of token creation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Things You Need to Know About SmartDeployer

Is SmartDeployer easy to use, even for those without coding experience?

Yes, SmartDeployer is a no-code platform, which means that users can create and manage tokens without needing to write any code. SmartDeployer's user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create and manage tokens

What types of tokens can I create using SmartDeployer?

SmartDeployer allows users to create both fungible and non-fungible tokens. This includes standard tokens, as well as tokens with custom settings, such as token name, symbol, total supply and other unique functions.

Does SmartDeployer offer any security measures to protect my tokens?

Yes, SmartDeployer offers security auditing to ensure that tokens created on the platform are secure and cannot be exploited. This helps to protect users' tokens from security vulnerabilities.

Can I manage my tokens after they have been launched using SmartDeployer?

Yes, SmartDeployer provides users with a user-friendly dashboard to easily manage their tokens after they have been launched. Users can track their token balance, view transaction history, and manage token settings from a centralized location.


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